Success Story with Benoplast

Success Story with Benoplast

We started working with Benoplast, the pioneer of the plastic packaging industry, in February 2016. As a result of a systematic work with our team, we reached the success graph we targeted.

After the success achieved with SEO arrangements, Benoplast-Seoliz relationship has reached the point of business development, and the success rate is rapidly climbing up with digital infrastructure studies before national and international fairs, following the sectoral developments and early moves.

We are also very happy with the improvements made on the basis of user experience and the transformations Benoplast has taken.

within 1.5 years;

  • Organic traffic increased by 231% .
  • A 203% increase was achieved in the number of page views .
  • The number of users has doubled .
  • A significant success was achieved by reducing the bounce rate from 25.14% to 0.54%.

Moreover ;

  • Ranked first in 52 keywords,
  • Ranked 3rd out of 160 keywords,
  • It appears on the first 2 pages of 574 keywords.

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