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Google Z Report

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Who are they?

Future Adults

Generation Z is the generation to which people born after 1997 belong. It is the next generation of Generation Y and can also be called alpha generation. In other words, some of this generation is preparing to graduate from university and enter business life. They are expected to pass the millennium, accounting for 32% of the global population and 40% of potential customers.

*63% still live with their families

*52% are still students

Generation Z in Turkey

Young people between the ages of 10-24 make up 23% of the population in Turkey, with their number reaching nearly 20 million. (49% female, 51% male)

TurkStat announced the number of young population between 15-24 as 13 million this year. It has a very young population compared to Europe. (10.7% younger population compared to European Countries)

*92.4% are internet users

Understanding Generation Z is Very Important, So Why?

Generation Z is the strongest consumer force on the market today.

Its estimated annual expenditures make up a strength of $143 billion.

It has to be taken into account that 40% of global consumers this year are Gen Z.

Unlike millennials, they spend their money on entertainment, technology and fashion shopping.

General Behaviors vs. Generation Y

They are not millennials 2.0

Generation YGeneration Z
Personal ImageWillingAuthentic/Original
Technology UseFocused on HimBorn Into
CommunicationAdvanced TextVisual First
Brand ExpectationStorytellerThe Story Maker

How Do They Depict Themselves?

Gen Y’s Typical Self-Description: ‘Eager’

Gen Z’s Typical Self-Description: ‘Authentic’

Generation Z is more authentic and real than generation Y. Selfies are more and photo texts are more confident.

Visuals Express Words for Generation Z

Millennials use texts to communicate

Generation Z uses images to communicate.

The attention span of Generation Y is 12 seconds, while the attention span of Generation Z is only 8 seconds. So we only have 8 seconds to get the attention of Gen Z.

FastCompany: “This is never an attention problem for Gen Z. Generation Z has adapted to quickly evaluate, filter and sort what they see.”

Generation Z looks at brands as walking (living), not just talking.

Since they are a new generation, their preferred brands have not been determined yet. They will be loyal to companies that resonate with Generation Z and for which they have the opportunity to define themselves in some way.

To keep Generation Z loyal, brands need to commit to a business model built on sustainability and equality.

Econsultancy, “How to market to Gen Z”: “Storytelling or speaking may no longer be enough.”

“Keeping the story alive, that is, what brands do is more important than what they say.”

Establish a dialogue with the audience and actively involve them in the story

True Digital Natives

Generation Z are the first digital natives. They were born into technology and they have easy access to the internet.

Technology is also reflected in their attitudes. About 64% of Gen Z are constantly online and 57% feel more insecure without their cell phones than their wallets.

First Digital Generation

98% have a cell phone and on average they get their first phone at age 10.

Of all the generations, the generation that spends the most time on the internet. On mobile, they spend an average of 4 hours and 9 minutes a day.

They prefer their phones to watch videos 2 times more than other generations.

How Generations Use Technology to Communicate

Generation ZGeneration Y
Direct ConnectionBroadcasting
MomentarySelected and planned
Takes RisksRisk Avoidance

Shopping and Purchasing Behavior

Generation Z wants the same as their parents; smooth delivery, convenience, usability and quality. But their expectations for how they are delivered are different.

They do not act impulsively in terms of spending behavior. They are more generous in spending for a social reason. They wait for discounts to get the trends. They spend more sparingly than millennials

First Mobile And Video Generation

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with social media, mobile technology and mobile video. Youtube was founded in 2005. Most millennials know a world without mobile video. Not Generation Z.

Generation Z reports twice as much to the video content they watch compared to millennials. 

Video is the Key to the World for Generation Z

43% discover or continue the latest trends through video.

44% use video to pass the day.

1 in 4 want to watch content featuring social, cultural and ethical movements.

60% of them spend 10 hours more on YouTube than on TV.

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