Alibaba and Product Upload/Add in General

Alibaba and Product Upload/Add in General

What is

You can become a member of Alibaba via the following banner.

CLICK for AliBaba Membership

Chinese e-commerce site was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 with a capital of $100,000. Aiming to bring the manufacturers together with the suppliers abroad through without an intermediary, Jack Ma achieved its goal in a short time and the public offering was held on September 19, 2014. Continuing its activities under the name of Alibaba Group, is the world’s largest e-commerce site, along with, with more than 20,000 employees in nearly 200 countries. It is predicted by experts that this success will continue, and’s market share will increase in 2020, China will reach 60% in the e-commerce field in the world, and the largest part of this will belong to, 2017 Tüsiad E-Commerce Report ‘ expressed in. Gold Membership Packages

One of the countries that the Chinese trade giant attaches importance to is Turkey. TradeFive is the authorized representative and business partner of in Turkey. You can choose one of three different gold membership packages offered by for Turkey via TradeFive .

In line with the targets of the Ministry of Economy , Turkey covers 80% of the fee demanded by, if requested by the companies within the body of TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly). Another incentive is that if TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) members become members of, the ministry covers 80% of the fee to be paid for Gold membership. Vakıfbank or Halkbank pays the remaining 20% ​​in case of an agreement with the member. Even if you cannot reach an agreement with the banks, the Ministry of Economy will continue to support you if you pay 20%.

When you decide to become a member, an application link will be sent to you via After filling in the necessary information, you make the payment and the 7-8 week process starts from this date. After your review is completed by the Ministry, your membership is approved and you can use in line with your goals.

Gold Memberships and Features

Gold Supplier Basic

It is the cheapest among the packages offered by to Turkey. Alibaba gold membership price is 8.350TL + VAT. 7.300+VAT in case of single withdrawal or money order. [5] The difference from other packages is that there are 5 products in the section called Showcase Product (Product Showcase). Showcase products are displayed 8 times more than other products.

Gold Supplier Standard

Alibaba gold membership package price is 17,325TL + VAT and 1-9 installments. 15.175 + VAT in case of wire transfer and single withdrawal. [6] The difference of this package is that you can put 12 Product Showcases.

Gold Premium

Alibaba gold membership package price is 34.675 TL, 1-9 installments. 30.350 + VAT in case of wire transfer and single withdrawal. [7] You can put 28 Showcase Items in this package.

IFM (Free Member)

You don’t pay for this package, but you can’t enjoy many features. You can’t respond to pickup requests and instantly contact buyers who submitted the request. You do not have the right to showcase products. The system automatically blocks your right to move.

Company information

After completing your membership, click My Alibaba and then Company at the top right of the site home page. Enter your company information here. If you do not enter this information, the system will not allow you to install the product.

How to upload/add product to

After entering your company information, click on My Alibaba at the top right of the site homepage.

Then the Sell and Buy section will appear in the upper left. Click on Sell because you want to sell. In the section that opens, hover over Products and click Display a new product just below Products.

In this section, enter the name of the product you will sell in the place indicated by the arrow. Make sure your product is within the categories specified in the system. For example, if you are going to sell a cream, make sure that it is in the foot or hand cream category according to the characteristics of the cream.

After entering the product type, under “Fill in product information”, write your product name, product keywords and add product photos. Make sure the three keywords are relevant and the system will list the most used keywords related to your product.

After entering the product details, you can add your payment method and the prices of the product to the “Payment Options” section as you wish.

After entering the “Logistics Information”, that is, the delivery information and the detailed product information of the “Product Detail Information”, we click on the submit button at the end of the page. Item is sent to for approval. It appears as Approval Pending in the “All Products” section., which I tried to explain in the most general terms, has many different features and details. , we enable our customers to be found efficiently in the digital world by providing result-oriented special solutions, regular reports and evaluations to seo services and other e-commerce initiatives.

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